Blogs that are relevant

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Here are 5 blogs that are relevant to the call center agent audience:

  •  Customer service Blog: Customer Service and Experience blog for customer service professionals.
    • This blog is relevant because it speaks to the way that call center agents can empower themselves to be a star on the team.
    • Each blog provides tips and tools to relate to customers and the rest of their team.
    • This blog appears to post every other weekday. It does not appear weekend postings are available.
    • It appears that as opposed to 1 single writer posting and others collaborating the blog allows from others that have relevant information. I do not see very many comments or engagement.
    • The blog is based on the personal successes from those in the call center profession. The information seems quite credible. I have been in the industry almost 20 years and the information is accurate.
  • Call Center weekly: Innovators providing their own personal spin on Customer Service.
    • This blog is a fun creative expression of the customer service agent experience. There are memes and GIFs that provide comical value of the day to day experience.
    • These blogs are relevant to my audience because not everyday is fun, There are days where agents can become frustrated. With this blog it provides a reason to smile.
    • The posts to the blog are throughout the day similar to FaceBook.
    • There is consistent engagement by followers.
    • There appears to be an open format for users to add whatever content they want. There is no profanity or nudity.
  • The Sales Call Center Blog: Learn, improve, and grow your call center within your team. 
    • This blog is provides software that within a team outside of the executive reach, teams can find ways to improve call center sales. Typically teams in sales use excel, however it does not show everyone’s progress unless you are using Google Chrome. This is software options to change your sales within your team. It is additional technology to grow your team.
    • The posts appear to be monthly and providing new software or upgrade information.
    • This blog is relevant to call center agents because sales is one of the largest group of call center teams. It is a competitive culture. Every tool can be the one tool that changes your teams success.
    • I don’t see engagement, but because I think agents are put off by the sales aspect associated with the website.
    • The content is limited to tools and software that can help a teams success.
  • Invensis Global Outsourcing: Customer Service. 
    • Outsource groups a a trend that is growing. They are not popular call center groups because of the lower pay and the negative perceptions from call center agents that are laid off or replaced by outsource agents. This call center group needs support probably even more than corporate call center agents.
    • This blog is relevant to the group because it provides tips for being successful. Since the pay is lower, every tip can lead to higher pay or recognition within the team.
    • This blog posts it appears 3 times per month.
    • There is minimal engagement. The most engagement is 2 users.
    • The content is limited to outsource tips and success guides.
  • Communications Camp: Communicate successfully.
    • This blog is relevant because it provides blogs that show 2 sides to the customer service experience. The blog is intended to show truthfulness in the corporate call center experience.
    • The blog is relevant because it provides useful input from the perspective of someone who has been on both sides of the call center experience both agent and management.
    • There is no engagement at this time.
    • There is inconsistency with the posts. The last post was in May.
    • The content is liberal yet professional.
  • The blogger is only as successful as the experience they can add to the blog. Blogs typically are personal experiences.
  • Bloggers can be known as sharing irrelevant content based on negative or positive experience. It is important to share both sides of the story then follow up with your personal opinion as a blogger.

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